Olaf Grawert (1987) is based in Berlin and Zurich. He works in technical and editorial roles: is partner at 2038 and b+ (Berlin), co-editor of What is Architecture? and teacher at station+, Department of Architecture, ETH (Zurich).

Olaf studied architecture in Innsbruck and Berlin. During his studies he worked for architecturaltheory.tv and Brandlhuber+, with whom he continued working as an architect in different locations and formats: from buildings, over exhibitions to publications and films. Together with artist and director Christopher Roth, they produced several films amongst others The Property Drama and Architecting after Politics.

Since 2017 they are teaching in Zurich where they founded station+, an architectural TV station aimed at telling the stories of architecture, as systemic (back)ground of our living.

Olaf conducts (video) interviews, gives lectures, moderates talks and writes articles and essays about architecture in relation to legislation, economy and  technology.  

In 2019, he was appointed on of the curators of the German Pavillon at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale: 2038, is a retrospective show that uses film and fiction, to (story)tell the systems behind architecture.

since 2020 with Matylda Krzykowski
since 2020 with Arts of the Working Class
since 2019 with 2038
since 2017 with station+ ETH Zurich
since 2017 with ARCH+
since 2016 with Christopher Roth
since 2015 with Arno Brandlhuber
since 2014 with What is Architecture?
since 2010 with Gábor Kocsis

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