Olaf Grawert plans, writes and talks about architecture. He is interested in the political and economic conditions of spatial production. He works collaboratively between Berlin and Zurich, in a close network of people and institutions, developing architectural projects between theory and practice: from campaigns, exhibitions, publications and films to teaching and buildings.

“There are fundamentally different ways we can design and build things, that may also have different profit models and methods. This is a completely possible design challenge, and an architectural challenge, but it is not just thinking about the surface aesthetic design of these things, it’s thinking about how they are actually constructed.”

“That is what this publication is about—with regard to a fundamental contradiction in contemporary society: the contradiction between the social character of production and the private appropriation of the results of this production. Specifically, it deals with the question of ownership of land and data, and the effects of these ownership relations on the production of space.“